From the VP

Welcome to the North East Region of The Fellowship Network.

We exist as part of a larger whole nationally known as The Fellowship Network.  My desire as the Vice President of the North East Region is to invite you into a relationship that unites all of the diversity we enjoy as a group of churches brought together under the banners of faith and the Spirit of God.

Our goal as representatives both of the North East Region board and the Kingdom of God is to give you an opportunity to experience a unified family of churches set on resourcing, mentoring, and yes … FELLOWSHIP.  As is the custom of the North East Region, we invite you to come on board, enjoy the ride, and take a place on this journey together of discipleship, planting, and growing.

Welcome again and don’t be a stranger.  Visit the new website as often as you like and we will do our best to keep it updated for you.


Rev. David M. Howells

Vice President, Northeast Region



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